Actionable Advice vs Strategic Thought Leadership

Does your content provide practical, actionable advice? Does it help your audience overcome their most immediate, top-of-mind challenges?

Or does it focus more on big picture, strategic thought leadership? Insights that focus on their long-term goals, but may not be addressing their most urgent needs?

I recently spoke to JD Dillon, Chief Learning Architect at Axonify, on the Building Your Unique Training Brand podcast.

With technology constantly evolving, with tools and tactics and new ideas constantly moving, with the reality of the workplace constantly shifting…helping people develop is a constantly moving target.

And it gets even harder, if people are — under the guise of “thought leadership” — putting a lot of information out there that is inconsistent with other conversations.

So it leaves people in the middle trying to figure out what’s real, what’s not? What does it actually mean? How does it relate to me?

[In large, dynamic organizations] you tend to spend a lot of your time just trying to get the job done. Trying to deal with the next change, the next problem, the next request.

And there’s only so much time and effort you can put into figuring out what’s going on out there. How’s the industry changing? What new opportunities are there? How many platforms are available to me today?

Listen to the full podcast episode.

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