Get the Messaging Right, and the Rest Falls Into Place

Your company’s core messaging—the specific value props, selling points, hooks, and benefits you focus on—is the single most important piece of the marketing puzzle. But cracking that messaging code isn’t easy.

Almost every growing company has two distinct types of customers…

Top 20%

Your ideal customers who:

  • Are the best fit for your company’s unique mix of strengths and solutions.
  • Contribute the majority of revenue and profits.
  • Have the longest retention and highest lifetime value.

Bottom 80%

Your secondary and non-ideal customers who:

  • Aren’t really a good fit for your business.
  • Cost more to engage and retain.
  • Are more price-sensitive and less likely to stay with your company long term.

Despite this value gap, many companies still try to appeal to every possible customer type, rather than focus on attracting their ideal customers—and end up with generic messaging that fails to cut through the noise and engage the right types of prospects.

Focus on Attracting High-Value Customers

As a B2B messaging consultant and copywriter, I specialize in helping companies engage the types of prospects who are most likely to become high-value customers.

We’ll work together to:

1. Develop a positioning strategy around your “red thread,” the sweet spot between your company’s unique strengths and the needs of your best customers.

2. Craft the type of authentic messaging that captures your brand’s unique style and clicks with your ideal prospects.

3. Integrate your updated messaging into your company’s website, ad campaigns, prospecting emails, and other marketing and sales collateral.


Consulting + Copywriting



  • Messaging strategy consulting (via Zoom or phone).
  • Developing your strategic narrative—the “central point of truth” that organizes your brand’s value props, selling points, hooks, and benefits.
  • Copywriting for your company’s primary corporate and product/service landing pages, ad campaigns, prospecting emails, and other marketing and sales collateral.

Month-to-month flat-rate retainer with 2-month minimum. Does not include copywriting for organic social posts or long-form educational content (blogs, articles, white papers, case studies, etc.).

Hourly Consulting



  • Messaging strategy consulting (via Zoom or phone).

Get Started

For over 20 years, I’ve been helping B2B companies create obsessively customer-focused marketing messaging and content.

Contact me to set up a complimentary intro call. We’ll explore your current messaging approach, how to identify your highest-value customers, and ways to ensure your marketing and sales copy is always on target with your ideal prospects.

Note: Available to clients in the U.S. and Canada.