Solution-Centric, or Problem-Centric?

How much of your marketing messaging is about the bells and whistles of your product, vs speaking to the specific challenges your ideal customers struggle with?

Solution-centric (your product)?


Problem-centric (your customers’ world)?

I recently spoke with Scott D’Amico, President at Communispond, on the Building Your Unique Training Brand podcast (link in comments).

If I think about challenges on the outbound side, it’s a pretty noisy space, it’s a crowded space.

To get into the training business, the barriers of entry are relatively low. So there’s a lot of companies out there, a lot of individuals out there, that are just competing for the same business.

So as you’re working on the outbound it’s always important to think about: How do we help them? What problem are we helping our clients solve? And focusing there.

From an outbound sales or marketing perspective, that’s a good way to differentiate. A lot of people are just pitching products. Talking about the bells and whistles. What their particular solution does. Versus really trying to understand. What are your needs? What are the challenges that you’re facing? And ultimately, what impact is that having on your business?

As you start to speak in that type of language, especially the higher you go within an organization, it’s going to resonate a little bit more, and open up some more doors.

Listen to the full podcast episode.

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