Address The Downside

Most messaging focuses on our product’s upside. But what about the potential downside?

Tyler Burch shared why it’s critical to understand your customers’ hidden resistance (BoardActive is a startup that connects company apps to users with geolocation technology).

Their mobile app is their baby. And so if you go messing up that code, it’s a very serious offense. It’s sacred ground.

We had a lot of people that were like, “What you’re saying you can do is really interesting. How can I be certain that you’re not going to somehow mess up my code by plugging your SDK into it?”

That was something that we weren’t really talking about as much with our positioning and messaging. And so it allowed us to kind of reevaluate, “How do we make sure they understand that their privacy concerns and the safety of their app is something that we’ve addressed and handled?”

So that’s one of the things I think that was really valuable in the process of getting that feedback, and hearing one to one where their hangups were.

How have you addressed the potential downsides to using your product?

Listen to the full podcast interview.

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