Serving Multiple Customer Types

B2B OR B2C is challenging enough. But what if you’re B2B2C? Serving both enterprise level companies AND independent professionals?

McLean Robbins shared how she and her team at MBO Partners are able to serve multiple audiences.

As vice president of Enterprise Marketing, I oversee the corporate side of our business. I work directly with our enterprise clients, our account teams, our sales teams. I have a colleague…our vice president of Talent Marketing.

We realized that there are two distinct audiences. And there’s quite frankly too much work for any one marketer to do.

So she oversees the direct to consumer side of the business—or the B2B2C arm of the business—and speaks to the talent. And I speak to the enterprise.

We work as two heads on one body. We’re aligned in a corporate strategy, but we’re both overseeing our areas of the business.

Having somebody who pays attention and is responsible for one side of the business also prevents a seesaw effect from one side becoming more important than the other, because each of us on the executive team has a voice in the room.

How have you overcome the challenge of serving multiple audiences?

Listen to the full podcast episode.

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