Using Data to See Solutions

When a marketing tactic is underperforming, do you really know why—or are you just guessing?

Katherine Martin and I talk about why it’s important to understand the inputs and data points when solving hard marketing problems.

If something’s outperforming, why is it working and how can you iterate on that?

If something’s underperforming, what’s causing that?

The data won’t tell you everything. You still need that human context and understanding.

“You think about the inputs, and you get to the levers you can pull to change those inputs. Then you can make an educated guess on the best path forward.”

Katherine also shares how she used those inputs and levers to maximize the impact from Narrative Science’s extraordinarily successful recent virtual event.

  • Looking at the data stories every week.
  • Nudging partners who weren’t posting or leading traffic back to form fills.
  • Identifying the best performing ad platforms and then investing more money into what was working best.

Rather than try to justify their decisions with data after the fact, the team was able to use the data in real time to help them see better solutions.

Listen to the full podcast episode.

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