Focus Your Messaging on the Right Prospects

Almost every growing company has two distinct types of customers…

Your “top 20%” ideal customers who:

  • Are the best fit for your company’s unique mix of strengths and solutions.
  • Contribute the majority of revenue and profits.
  • Have the longest retention and highest lifetime value.

Your “bottom 80%” secondary and non-ideal customers who:

  • Aren’t really a good fit for your business.
  • Cost more to engage and retain.
  • Are more price-sensitive and less likely to stay with your company long term.

So, which customer type is your company’s messaging more aligned with?

Are you engaging the right prospects by focusing on the value props, selling points, hooks, and benefits that are most important to your ideal customers?

Or are you trying to appeal to every possible customer type equally—including your least profitable ones?

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