Make the Tough Messaging Choices First

Writing clever copy won’t help much if you’re unwilling to make the tough choices about what your company does and who it serves.

Before you write a single word, you need to overcome the biggest bottleneck to creating effective messaging—a lack of clarity and internal alignment about your company’s core strengths, and how those unique strengths serve the needs of a carefully chosen type of ideal customer.

Until you have clarity and alignment on the specifics of what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for, there’s no point in writing copy for your website, product pages, sales collateral, or any other piece of marketing content.

Why? Because it won’t hold.

Whatever you write will just be changed as it’s passed around to your partners, employees, or whoever you may have hired to write your marketing copy.

Unless your internal collaborative process is aligned around a coherent, focused messaging framework, those changes will be random and based on subjective preferences rather than on a central guiding strategy.

Compound those random, subjective changes over dozens of projects and drafts, and the result will be a collection of generic messages that lack an essential core theme.

In other words, a complete mess.

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