What Are Your Company’s Core Strengths?

Every company, just like every person, has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses.

A strength (as defined by Marcus Buckingham) isn’t necessarily something you happen to be good at. There may be many things that you do well, but that you simply can’t stand doing.

True strengths are activities that make you feel strong. You look forward to doing them and feel “filled up” after you’re done. And because doing them feels good, you’re naturally driven to do them more often and practice them with deliberate focus—the type of continued effort that leads to a virtuous cycle of improved performance.

These strengths then combine in a unique way and help guide you toward your purpose: how you’re meant to contribute to the world and authentically express yourself as a unique individual.

Your company also has its own unique purpose and nature. There are things that it’s really good at, and things that it’s just not built to do well.

The difference between your company’s success and failure may come down to recognizing and fully aligning with those unique attributes. Your ability to identify and consistently play to those strengths can be your greatest competitive advantage—the one thing that will differentiate you from everyone else.

Think about the things your company does brilliantly, and how those strengths relate to its ultimate purpose. Now ask yourself how well you’re expressing those strengths and that purpose in your marketing and sales messaging.

Are they aligned in a way that makes the most of that unique advantage?

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