Prioritizing Your Messaging Alignment Bottlenecks

Don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to fix all of your messaging alignment bottlenecks at once.

The first step is to prioritize. To identify which bottlenecks are most relevant to your specific situation.

There might be just one or two of these alignment bottlenecks that really resonate with you. Maybe in your situation, it’s not so much an issue of multiple stakeholders, and it’s not so much an issue of a central point of truth. But when you look at your collateral, campaigns, and content, you see that they’re bloated with too much information.

By focusing on that highest priority bottleneck first, you’ll be able to systematically concentrate on the specific constraint that’s having the biggest negative impact on your messaging results.

Once that’s achieved, you can then go on to the next priority—the next bottleneck that’s causing the biggest issues. That might be multiple stakeholders or no central point of truth. It might be something completely different.

You focus your energy into solving that next bottleneck, and then you repeat the process, one bottleneck at a time, as needed.

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