Your Messaging’s Central Point of Truth

Without a central point of truth for collecting and evaluating messaging ideas, things can get pretty messy. Every time you create a new piece of marketing or sales content—a blog post, sell sheet, social media campaign—internal feedback gets trapped in a black box.

Think about a typical Google Doc draft for a marketing collateral project. Once the initial draft is written, it gets passed around for internal stakeholders to review and provide feedback, usually in the form of comments in the doc, group emails, and Slack messages. Each time you create a piece of marketing or sales collateral, that project’s drafts become a new, disconnected point of truth for that campaign.

Now imagine multiplying that approach by the number of drafts for that particular project, as well as all the related content and collateral projects (like a social campaign that’s used to support a landing page). By the time you’re done, you’ll have to sort through dozens of disparate points of feedback, making it that much harder to make clear, effective messaging decisions.

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