Thinking in Little Bets

By eliminating the content marketing projects that aren’t working, you create space to discover what WILL work.

But where do you draw the line between “stick with it, success will come” and “it’s not working”? When you start out on LinkedIn (for example), it’s “not working”, but we have to stick with it, right? (Thanks to Michal Bohanes for the great question.)

True! You can’t just give up when something doesn’t take off right away. You need to give your content strategies time to take root.

But what’s the “right” amount of time and energy to invest in any one strategy?

One way to look at it is with a “little bets” mindset. Thinking in terms of actionable, affordable prototypes.

So with the LinkedIn example, a little bet/prototype approach could be framed as “we know that there’s an opportunity on LinkedIn, but we’re not exactly sure what will work for us, and what won’t.”

Your prototype could be something like…

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