Outsourcing Content Creation

How do you outsource content creation without losing control of your content strategy?

Jay Desai, head of growth at Trend, shares how he delegates his projects and campaigns.

I think the important thing is figuring out what your end result is supposed to look like. That’s when I feel the most comfortable being able to pass something off to someone.

Even if it’s not something that you create necessarily. It can be something that you find as a good example. You might have the topic that you want to hit on, and maybe some of the keywords and the bigger points.

I think it’s just being so close to the ground, especially in the early stage. Just figuring it out. Having that process, having that end result.

Maybe even doing it yourself a couple of times and figuring out, “This is exactly where I’m looking to be able to find this information, or where I’m looking to be able to find these examples.”

Just really doing a high level detail and documenting your process.

And that makes it so much easier to pass off, because I know exactly what it’s supposed to look like.

So, what’s your process for managing outsourced content creation?

Listen to the full podcast interview.

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