We Sell Feelings

How do you make your customers feel?

Ethan Beute, chief evangelist at BombBomb, shares why feelings matter so much in sales, marketing, and customer success.

Customer experience at its core is how you make people feel. How do you make them feel about you? How do you make them feel about your people? About your logo? About your brand? About your product? About your service?

More importantly, how do you make them feel about themselves? How do you make them feel about their problem or opportunity—whatever it is that brought them to you or brought you to them.

And so, feeling begets thought—conscious or subconscious. Thought then drives action and behavior. It drives the stories that we tell—whether it’s a customer success story, an online review…

We want to make them feel great. We want them to think well of themselves and of us. To feel like they’re tackling their problem or capitalizing on the opportunity.

So, what’s the specific feeling that you want your customers to experience?

Listen to the full podcast episode.

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