You Are Your Product

Are you putting the same effort into marketing yourself as you are into creating marketing for your employer or clients?

Jack Fussell recently shared why he sees every single one of us as our ultimate product, regardless of what our job is.

I actually see just a profound connection between [problem solving and our own career growth]. We are no longer just employees.

And I think that’s a big mental change. When you begin thinking, “I’ve got a shelf life of my ‘product,’ maybe 40 to 50 years.”

And that’s 40 to 50 years to market it, get it better, improve it, finesse it.

But also with that goes the marketing side. You can’t just be an amazing person living in a basement that no one knows about.

I think so many times we as marketers—or just in business period—we think about what we do in our nine-to-five space for someone else or for something else.

But we never put a mirror and say “Okay, how am I going to apply these same principles to myself? I help brands capture attention and earn trust. Well, how do I do the same thing?”

Listen to the full podcast episode.

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