Build What You Can Build

Sometimes, you just don’t have months (or years) to create the perfect resource for your customers. You have to build what you can with the time you have.

Eric Olsen recently shared why he launched the Emergency Homeschool podcast.

We had seen the massive increase in enrollments we had during March and April, as folks were trying to figure out how to distract their children while they continue to try to work remote—and ideally distract them with something that’s actually educational and beneficial.

[Parents were] questioning if there was a better opportunity for their kid than public school, with the public health risk involved in it.

I had correctly identified the problem. But I couldn’t figure out what our solution should be.

I had about a month to build this thing before folks started going back to school and picking plans that didn’t include us. And so I had these extrinsic, external time realities and motivations saying, “Eric, you’ve got to build this thing in 30 days. And so you better build something that you can build in 30 days.”

So, is there a “perfect” resource project that’s preventing you from building something right now?

Listen to the full podcast episode.

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