Personalizing Your Outreach with Video

Your customers can smell a canned email pitch a mile away. Even personalized emails can easily come off as spammy.

So what’s the alternative?

1 to 1 video. It’s the most effective tool I’ve seen for flexing your creativity—personalizing your outreach in a way that really stands out.

But it takes the right mindset to do it well.

Haylee Taylor knows more about using personalized video than almost anyone else I know. Here’s her take:

A good starting point beyond the tool that you decide to use is mindset.

It’s only 6% of salespeople that are using video and actively sending them out to their prospects.

I think for a marketer or salesperson—it really just takes a specific mindset to say, “Okay, I’m going to either go sit on my laptop or walk around with my phone and record videos.”

I try to shift that mindset into, “I’m going to go start some conversations, or I’m gonna go book some meetings.”

So I stopped thinking about video as being this thing I have to do, or the objective of recording. And I start thinking, “How can I make conversations faster than what I know I could do sending emails all day?”

So, are you using 1:1 video in your marketing or sales process? What’s working for you so far?

Listen to the full podcast episode.

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