Throwing Out the Playbook

What would happen if you just gave away all of your knowledge for free?

Chris Piper and I talk about the challenges Scribe Media faced in early 2020.

Their response to COVID? They threw away their entire marketing plan.

They focused all their attention on Scribe Book School, a live, multi-day workshop that helps people write, publish, and market their book.

“In 2 weeks, we’re going to launch this major multi-day workshop where we’ll teach everyone to write, publish, and market their book. No up-sells, no catches, no BS. Just going to give everything away for free.”

Their first workshop had over 10,000 attendees. And based on the massive demand, they were able to launch 2 new services. Now they have an entirely new marketing channel and a new 7-figure revenue stream.

“And it’s all just because we threw our playbook out the window, led by our mission, and gave people what we thought would be really relevant to them.”

Listen to the full podcast episode.

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