The Value of Failed Content

“In 2015, Moz and BuzzSumo looked at more than one million articles published on the web. They found that 75 percent of blog posts had no inbound links, and more than half had two or fewer Facebook interactions.” Austin Mullins,

In other words—crickets.

While the majority of marketing content may have little impact on its intended audience, that doesn’t mean it can’t still have value. A failed blog post or ebook is the inevitable result of a constant cycle of testing, observation, and iteration. Every piece of content that we create is simply an experiment based on a hypothesis: Our audience will care about thistopic, with this structure, and this headline, etc.

If that blog post or ebook fails to achieve its primary purpose (engagement, action, conversion), it can still serve the secondary purpose of narrowing our scope for the next test.

To create something remarkable, we need to let go of the kind of toxic, compulsive perfectionism that hampers creativity. If we’re unwilling to fail, then we’ll be unwilling to try anything new.

That’s true failure.

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