Better, Not Broader

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to wake up one morning to find that their blog’s subscriber base tripled overnight? I certainly would. And yet, my excitement would likely be misguided.

I’m not in the business of adding subscribers to my blog. Tripling the number of clicks, likes, or comments may do wonders for my ego, but it also may be an indication that I’m actually creating the wrong type of content — work that appeals to “people interested in marketing” as opposed to the very select group of B2B marketing professionals I seek to serve. If I earned those extra clicks and subscribers by going wide, how relevant would I still be to my real audience?

“You shouldn’t focus on growing your audience. Especially if focusing on growing your audience leads to superficial goals, such as clicks and views … from people who are not the right fit for your business and will never buy from you.” Stefanie Flaxman

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