It’s What You Say, Not Just How You Say It

Marketing copy is only as strong as the foundation on which it’s built. Persuasive emails, sales letters, and landing pages don’t manifest from thin air, overcoming an inherent lack of substance with “power” words or important-sounding but meaningless jargon.

Hype and platitudes are not persuasion. Writing effective copy requires digging past the marketing speak and becoming intimately aware of your organization’s true character, discovering what makes your products and services meaningful to your customers, and then filing your message to a sharpened point. No magic words. No hype. No unnecessary exclamation points!!! Just a clear, specific, efficient message that actually matters to your audience.

Easier said than done, I know. By definition, narrowing your message requires you to make tough choices and admit that you can’t be everything to everybody. It means telling your boss that her idea to “be the one-stop solution for the entire market” is impossible given your finite resources and the limits of marketing physics. It means betting on specific numbers rather than covering the entire roulette table with chips. Sure, you may not always pick the right ones, but at least you’re actually playing like it matters.

Focus, drill down, decide — then start writing.

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