Is Your Website Content Too Hard to Read?

Small text may be costing you money.

The smaller the text on your website, the harder it is to read, and the fewer visitors you’ll convert into customers.

People consume online content differently than they do books and magazines. It’s not really “reading” — more like skimming. If what they see is interesting, then they might go back and read more thoroughly, but only if it takes a minimal amount of effort. The harder your visitors have to work in order to see the text on your site, the more likely that they’ll simply give up and move on to something else.

If your website’s conversion rate is low (or your bounce rate is high), your first step should be to ensure that the copy is as functional and attractive as possible.

  • Increase the size of your body copy to 16 pixels and headers to 32 pixels.
  • Use a high-contrast, dark-on-light (dark text on light background) text design.
  • Make sure your site features responsive design to allow for comfortable reading across all device sizes and platforms.

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