Boring is Not a Strategy

The fatal flaw of most B2B marketing strategies is the incorrect assumption that all business purchasing decisions are made purely by logic.

No emotions allowed.

So, based on this erroneous point of view, B2B marketers cut out anything resembling a personality or purpose from their websites, white papers and webinars. In its place, they dump data, facts and graphs. The company with the most facts wins, goes their thinking.

When they find that the data by itself isn’t doing the job, they add a little “business-friendly” color to their effort.

Corporate mission statement? Check. Differentiation statements? Check. Stock photography of city skylines, two men shaking hands and executives smiling blankly around a coworker’s laptop? Check, Check, Check.

This, of course, fails as well.

Boring is not a strategy. Facts alone are not persuasive.

Meaning is. And it doesn’t matter whether you sell consulting or computers or office towers. It’s the meaning that makes the sale. The logic simply justifies it.

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