Brilliant Marketing Won’t Fix Lousy Reality

This fantastic cartoon by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne nicely demonstrates the irony of social marketing. We all assume that our work is worth sharing, and few of us believe that our own reality might be broken. Not the guys in blue above, not me and not you.

Hopefully, at least you and I are right.

But just to be on the safe side, pause the Linkedin discussions and webinar promotions for a day, and answer one question as honestly as you can…

Do we do something here worth sharing to begin with?

Tom didn’t have to come up with clever gimmicks to entice me to share his work. Sure, he made it easier by adding links to Twitter and Facebook, as well as allowing his audience to use his cartoons in their own blog posts. But there was no brilliant marketing twist behind it.

It was the work itself, Tom’s reality, that made me want to share it with you right now.

What’s your reality?

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