Is Your Content a Bridge or a Wall?

I wish I could say that my love for content marketing originated from some positive, inspiring experience.

I can’t. The truth is, it was born out of fear.

Fear of calling on strangers. Fear of rejection, of coming off as too pushy, of doing things I was uncomfortable with. Fear of losing face.

Marketing allowed me (or so I thought) to avoid all the messiness involved in actually selling something. If I could get good enough at copywriting and creating content offers, then I’d only have to talk to people who contacted me first…new customers served up on a silver platter.

No rejection. No pushing against my comfort zone. No pain.

And while I did learn how to generate leads, what I didn’t figure out for a long time was why it was so hard for me to follow up and convert more responses into conversations and new business. My resistance to putting myself in harms way was preventing me from enjoying the intended results of all those great campaigns, and my business suffered for it.

Your content should act like a bridge, a tool that initiates conversations by solving important problems. Without any follow up or real time engagement, all you’ve built is a wall…a sheer rock face of blog posts and white papers. It may feel like you’re connecting with the people in your market, but all you’re really doing is avoiding the interactions that matter most.

Create great content. Build your audience. Just don’t forget that the point of all of this is to start real life conversations. It’s about getting in front of the right people and generating new business the old fashioned way…by earning it.

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