Great Lead Generation Offers Are About Their Problem, Not Your Commitment To Excellence

If your lead generation offer is only about your firm being “best-in-class” and “results-focused,” you’re probably going to lose out to competitors creating content that people actually care about. Their own dramas, problems, challenges and selfish interests. Them, not you.

In other words, your company details are the last piece of the information puzzle, not the first.

John Jantsch from puts it nicely…

“Proper lead generation – or lead guiding – goes more like this – 1) Hey, here’s the real problem you need to address, 2) hey, here are a couple ways you might start to think about that problem, 3) hey, here’s one specific way to solve that problem and maybe, just maybe, 4) hey, here’s why we might be the right one to help you fix that problem.”

Notice how the word we doesn’t pop up until the last step? That’s because nobody cares about your company. Shocking, I know. But it’s true.

Common sense in this day and age of content-driven lead generation, you say? You’d think. But is it really that common? How many corporate home pages are still relentlessly self-focused?

Too many. Far, far too many.

The sad fact is that these internally-focused “why we’re better than them” brand strategies remain embedded like ticks, leftovers from the days when some people may have actually been persuaded by empty calories like “best-in-class.”

Make it all about them until the subject of you actually matters. It might be a lot later in the marketing conversation than you expect.

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