Six Pack Abs

Reaching the top 1% in your field is a lot like getting six pack abs.

Bear with me…

When you first start out in your business, you’re soft…flabby. And usually extremely motivated.

You work your ass off. You start getting clients. You’re getting into shape. The results are happening fast!

But the further along you get, the less incremental change occurs compared to the work you’re putting in. You start to plateau.

You’re much better off than you were when you started, but still shy of the vision that lit the fire to begin with. The rewards for the last 5%, or the last 5 pounds, don’t seem to be worth all the extra effort.

So you stall. You settle. You’re better than average maybe, but still not great.

Seth Godin calls this point “The Dip.” Maybe it should be called “The Gut.”

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