A Valentine for Prospecting

Has prospecting for new clients broken your heart one too many times? Here’s a cure to mend your relationship with this most fickle of creatures…

  1. Learn how to create an instant connection and grab people’s attention (Hint: It’s about them, not you)
  2. Focus on solving people’s problems, not pitching your services
  3. Use a prospecting approach you’re comfortable with, and do more of it
  4. Focus on long term, multiple contacts, not all-or-nothing one shot attempts
  5. Focus on the person you’re contacting and learn about who they are
  6. Accept that there are abundant prospects and clients out there…you will never run out of people to connect with
  7. Fully prepare for your calls
  8. Let go of the outcome of any one call. You can’t control it anyway. Instead, focus on the things you can control (research, preparation, etc)

Fall in love with reaching out to the people who have the problems you solve, and you’ll never have to worry about attracting clients.

Happy Valentines Day

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