The Web 2.0 Crutch

Blogs, Linked In, Google Adwords, sales letters, virtual trade shows; all of these will be a monumental waste of time, money and energy unless you are spending most of your (business development) time…


People. Not readers, markets, demographics, prospects, tweeters. People.

It’s my only real complaint with Web 2.0 and Social Media. It’s become all about the gadgetry, but the content quality and the conversations the content is meant to spark is thrown in as an afterthought. Classic quantity mindset.

Worse, broadcasting a message is so easy now, that anyone can do it. It’s safe. You don’t feel the sting if someone passes over your blog post, doesn’t re-tweet your amazing insight or marks your email as spam.

Think of all these incredible channels simply as inexpensive ways to potentially initiate a real-life discussion with someone about their problem and how you might solve it. If you’re spending all day blogging, tweeting and bulk emailing, but very little or no time actually conversing, then you’re missing the entire point.

Use every tool at your disposal, just don’t hide behind them.

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