Small and Slow

The largest organizations seem to take months or years to change direction and adopt new strategies.


A big reason seems to be the need to gain consensus, whether through committee, shareholder vote or even public opinion. Makes sense I guess. After all, there are quite a few stakeholders at Verizon, GM and Microsoft.

Why then do so many boutique firms suffer from the same inertia? Why does it seem that their marketing strategies, service offerings and customer service systems seem so static?

One of the greatest benefits of being smaller is being faster. In fact, speed may be your one true advantage over much larger, more influential firms. One of the most valuable systems you can put into place is a process for quickly making intelligent decisions and executing new strategies. By focusing on the how of making course corrections, you’ll eventually build a truly nimble, adaptive culture that is poised to take advantage of new opportunities months before others even realize that they exist.

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