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This podcast has one purpose—to help marketers like yourself become better problem solvers.

It’s about sharing real stories of how other marketers have overcome some of their toughest challenges. And how you can use those insights to turn your own obstacles into opportunities for growth.

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Ep 34 — The Marketing/Sales Mindset See The Solution Podcast

Today I connected with Devin Reed, content strategy manager at Gong. We talked about his unique perspective operating originally as a salesperson—and then later as a marketer—in a hyper-growth and hugely successful startup. Connect with Devin on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/devinreed. Check out Gong’s Reveal podcast at https://www.gong.io/podcasts. To receive updates on future episodes, subscribe today … Continue reading "Ep 34 — The Marketing/Sales Mindset"
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