Welcome to the See The Solution Podcast

This podcast has one purpose — to help marketers like yourself become better problem solvers by showing you how to:

  • Take control of your creative process.
  • Find and fix the blind spots that stop you from seeing the best solutions to your most challenging marketing problems.
  • Turn obstacles into opportunities for growth.

Recent Episodes

Ep 25 — Rehumanizing Business See The Solution Podcast

Today I connected with Ethan Beute, chief evangelist at BombBomb. We talked about why customer experience—how you make people feel—matters more than ever, and how to rehumanize business by rehumanizing business communication. Connect with Ethan at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ethanbeute, or by email: ethan at bombbomb.com. And check out Rehumanize Your Business: How Personal Videos Accelerate Sales and … Continue reading “Ep 25 — Rehumanizing Business”
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