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Isabelle is a born marketer.

She loves everything about it—the challenge, the creativity, the collaboration. And all that passion has paid off. After years of rising up through the ranks, she landed the role of head of Marketing at a growing tech company in New York’s Silicon Alley.

Isabelle truly believed in the company’s mission and the value of the product. But the competition for customer attention was fierce. The pressure was on!

Every day, she faced a barrage of marketing challenges, each one requiring an innovative solution. Everything from high-level strategic problems like keeping enough prospects in the pipeline and improving their content marketing results, to smaller tactical details like optimizing their website and writing targeted, effective messaging.

But fresh ideas and solutions didn’t always flow as predictably as Isabelle would have liked. Some days she seemed to have total access to her inner creative genius. Other days…not so much.

She knew that the right solution was always there waiting to be discovered. But not having fast and predictable access to her best ideas was really frustrating.

One crisp autumn Sunday, Isabelle went for a run through Central Park. She hoped that the combination of cool air, exercise, and her favorite marketing podcast would help inspire some new ideas.

The podcast host was interviewing a well-known CMO. They chatted about how this company was able to come back after a string of really tough quarters, and eventually take the number one spot in the market.

The CMO described how they turned things around. A marketing solution that was so simple and brilliant—and so obvious in hindsight—that Isabelle wanted to kick herself for not thinking of it.

After all, she had the same amount of experience and expertise as this CMO. They worked in similar industries, with access to the same information, same blogs and books, same tools.

So what was this person seeing that she wasn’t?

The CMO explained his approach to problem solving. How he knew that while his experience and knowledge could be a great advantage, it could also create massive blind spots that made it harder to access his natural creativity.

So his first task when tackling a really tough marketing challenge was to take control over the creative process itself. To focus on the right things at the right time, consciously shift his perspective on the problem, and uncover his blind spots.

Isabelle suddenly realized what was missing. That despite all her years of experience, despite all her knowledge and expertise, she also had blind spots. She knew that if she wanted on-demand access to her best ideas, she would need to learn how to quickly and consistently find and fix those blind spots.

So she made the conscious choice to take control over her own creative process.

Isabelle still has blind spots. We all do. But now she also has a new set of habits that help her see the best solutions to her most challenging marketing problems.

Marketers are Under More Pressure to Perform Than Ever Before

Every one of us is expected to produce consistent and quantifiable results that lead directly to sales volume and revenue. Everything is measured. Everything is reported. We can’t get by with fuzzy metrics and subjective opinions about success.

We need to deliver. Every single day.

The most successful among us didn’t get that way by following a generic, color by numbers approach. Sticking to the same routine of simply executing a set of established best practices. By just doing what we’ve always done and expecting to keep getting the same results.

To create real impact, real change, we need to go way beyond what we already KNOW how to do. We need to be able to diagnose and solve the types of marketing problems that don’t have easy, ready-made solutions.

And your ability to do that doesn’t come down to your experience, or your talent, or your degree. It comes down to your ability to see.

The best marketers, the ones who constantly set new standards for what’s possible in our profession, get that way because they know how to push past the automatic answers. To challenge their assumptions rather than just confirm their pre-existing beliefs.

They know how to find and fix the blind spots that stop them from seeing the best solutions to their most challenging marketing problems.

In this course, you’re going to learn a simple, repeatable process for finding and fixing those blind spots.

Ask yourself…

What am I not seeing? What blind spots are standing between me and the types of ideas and solutions that I KNOW I’m capable of creating?

What are those blind spots costing me in my career and my life’s work? What are they costing my company?

What would I be able to achieve for my organization if I knew exactly how to find and fix those blind spots—if I were able to consistently discover the types of solutions that others can’t even see?

What You’ll Learn

Together, we’re going to go step-by-step through this process to solve an urgent marketing problem that you’re facing RIGHT NOW. One that you absolutely must fix, but just haven’t figured out how to crack yet. And we’re not going to just talk about problem solving in terms of theory and hypotheticals. We’re going to come up with real solutions to a challenge that’s having a significant impact on your organization’s sales volume and revenue.

In part one, we’ll explore why we all have blind spots that prevent us from solving really tough marketing problems. How even those of us with decades of experience can easily get stuck in single, limited problem frames that lock us into a narrow range of solutions.

In part two, you’ll learn how to quickly reframe problems in a way that completely shifts your perspective, cutting right past the blind spots that keep all of us from reaching our creative potential.

And in part three, we’re going to tackle that big, hairy, urgent marketing problem that you’re facing right now. Once we’re done with that, you’ll be able to repeat the process for the next big challenge, and then the next.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Your Brain

Why more expertise and experience actually makes it harder for us to solve our most urgent, challenging problems.

Chapter 2: Patterning

Why jumping into answer mode keeps us trapped using the same old and tired solutions.

Chapter 3: Stuck in Frame

Why we often don’t even notice how a problem is framed, causing us to view it from a narrow perspective.

Chapter 4: Don’t Challenge Assumptions

Why getting stuck in our beliefs and biases makes us see things that aren’t actually there, and impose meaning based on our own experience.

Chapter 5: Fear

Why our fear of failure blocks us off from the insights that lead to better solutions and ideas.

Chapter 6: Process

Why our default creative process can limit our ability to come up with the best solution.

Chapter 7: What is Reframing?

How reframing a problem can make it much easier to see radically better solutions.

Chapter 8-12: The Reframing Process

How to reframe your most challenging problems in a way that gets you better outcomes—and a better return on your time and energy.

“Will This Be Worth It?”

You’re probably thinking, “Sure this all sounds great. But is it really going to be worth the effort and investment?”

I get it. And I’d feel the same way in your shoes.

That’s why, together, I want us to both make sure that this course is something that will help make you a better problem solver AND make a significant difference in your work, your career, and your life.

So here’s the first step—I’d like to invite you to book a free 30-minute video coaching call. A time for you and I to talk about:

  • A challenging marketing problem that you’re facing right now.
  • Your go-to creative and problem solving process. What’s working? What’s not working?
  • The obstacles that you feel may be getting in the way of your best creative thinking (time constraints, stress, overwhelm, etc.).
  • How improving your problem solving and creativity skills might relate to your current role and future career goals.
  • Any questions you may have about the course itself.

To schedule your free coaching session, click here.

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