Make Better Content Marketing Decisions


That’s how content marketing can feel when you don’t have a big team or budget to work with.

And without a clear understanding of your specific content marketing goals, available resources, and strategy options, you can end up:

  • Trying to do too much with too little.
  • Stuck with too many content projects, and not enough time to handle them all.
  • Being pulled in too many directions at once, with little impact on revenue from all your hard work.

But what if the right content marketing strategy isn’t a question of what to do? What if it’s a question of when to do it, why to do it, and how to do it in a way that has the most impact?

Planning and managing an effective content marketing strategy shouldn’t be so overwhelming. To get unstuck, you’ll need to understand exactly which steps to focus on next.

How I Can Help

As your content marketing strategist, I’ll help you troubleshoot problem areas, increase your content’s impact on revenue, and make better content marketing decisions.

  • Identify your best content marketing strategy options — based on your goals and available time, budget, and creative resources — so you can focus on the right steps at the right time.
  • Design an obsessively customer-focused content strategy.
  • Target the right audiences based on your unique ideal client profile.
  • Test topic ideas to identify your audience’s most relevant pain points and challenges — before investing time and money into larger content projects.
  • Consistently produce high quality content that’s easy for your audience to consume and use.
  • Identify additional distribution, channel, and format opportunities.
  • Repurpose content to get the most value possible out of every project.

Pay as you go, hourly content marketing strategy consulting sessions (via phone or Zoom): $125/hour.

Ongoing content strategy consulting includes unlimited access via email and Zoom/phone (sessions can be scheduled one at a time after each call): $1,450/month.

Let’s Chat

Click here to schedule a free 30-minute intro call to discuss:

  • Your current content marketing strategy.
  • What’s already working or not working.
  • Your content marketing goals over the next 6-12 months.
  • Options to help you move forward.

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