Content Campaign Management

In today’s hyper-competitive world, clients expect you to earn their trust and create value before the sale is made, not just after. Offering seminars, webinars, white papers and other content that help a highly targeted list of prospects solve specific problems will make it much easier to earn their attention and open up the next step in the selling process.

I provide customized, content-driven business development solutions to help your firm target, reach and engage more clients, including

  • Researching and managing a detailed database of targeted prospects
  • Planning offer topics, content and solutions specific to the unique needs of your market
  • Developing seminars, webinars, white papers and other offer media
  • Writing copy for online content, sales letters and marketing collateral
  • Managing promotional tactics including strategic partnerships, targeted mailings, PPC search campaigns, article/blog publishing and social media
  • Designing follow up systems to convert leads into conversations and new projects

As a marketer, speaker and author, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses attract new customers using content-based marketing campaigns. I’m the author of The Lead Ladder-Turn Strangers into Clients, One Step at a Time (McGraw-Hill, 2006), and have developed lead generation strategies and collateral for private clients across several service industries including international corporate translation, commercial real estate and executive recruiting

Content campaign management services are available for engagements of 3+ months. Call 424-237-4339 or send an email to arrange a proposal appointment.

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