How to Filter Out Worthless Ebook Ideas—Part 2

Are you spending your precious time, money, and mental energy on the right ebook topics? In this series, we’ll explore quick ways to test your ideas. Coming up with a relevant topic isn’t an exact science. But there are steps you can take today to help maximize the probability that your next ebook will moveContinue reading “How to Filter Out Worthless Ebook Ideas—Part 2”

How to Filter Out Worthless Ebook Ideas—Part 1

We’ve all been there. You come up with an idea for a great ebook topic. One that you’re convinced is going to cut through all the noise. You invest weeks planning, researching, drafting, polishing, designing, and reviewing. Finally, you’re ready to publish! You share the landing page on LinkedIn and your company blog. You promoteContinue reading “How to Filter Out Worthless Ebook Ideas—Part 1”

The Value of Failed Content

“In 2015, Moz and BuzzSumo looked at more than one million articles published on the web. They found that 75 percent of blog posts had no inbound links, and more than half had two or fewer Facebook interactions.” Austin Mullins, In other words—crickets. While the majority of marketing content may have little impact onContinue reading “The Value of Failed Content”

Are Facts Boring?

A recent Forbes article states “While business to business (B2B) branding has a reputation for being boring, more companies are taking creative cues from business to consumer branding (B2C). The fact is, we can no longer afford for our marketing to be boring. The buttoned-up, ‘just the facts’ corporate tone associated with B2B isn’t effectiveContinue reading “Are Facts Boring?”

When the Pitch Overpowers the Point

We get it. That blog post or article was written for one purpose — to nudge us along the buyer’s journey. They want us to click the link, or call them, or sign up for their ebook. Of course they do. We’re not naive enough to believe that all that content was created without anContinue reading “When the Pitch Overpowers the Point”

“Am I Willing to Feel Stupid?”

Groundbreaking marketing campaigns are not typically the result of some isolated creative insight, but of trial and error, failed experiments, and the willingness to be wrong. Solving real marketing problems (the difficult ones that matter) requires that we embrace uncertainty. The catch is that not knowing the right answer feels really, really bad. So weContinue reading ““Am I Willing to Feel Stupid?””