3 Questions You Must Answer Before Investing in Any Marketing Tactic

Which of these marketing tools is most effective? 1. Google Adwords PPC 2. Blogging 3. Direct mail Trick question. The truth is that the value of any marketing tactic can only be measured by comparing it to other marketing tactics. PPC, blogging, direct mail, or any other marketing tool is neither a good or badContinue reading “3 Questions You Must Answer Before Investing in Any Marketing Tactic”


Branding advertising campaigns for professional services (Insert firm name here, tagline, “Industry-leading something or other,” phone number and website) exist not because they are part of a larger, well thought out strategy. They exist because they’re easy. It takes thought and time and commitment and effort and tough decisions to develop an effective business developmentContinue reading “Easier”

The Web 2.0 Crutch

Blogs, Linked In, Google Adwords, sales letters, virtual trade shows; all of these will be a monumental waste of time, money and energy unless you are spending most of your (business development) time… …TALKING TO PEOPLE. People. Not readers, markets, demographics, prospects, tweeters. People. It’s my only real complaint with Web 2.0 and Social Media.Continue reading “The Web 2.0 Crutch”

A Complex Solution is Just a New Problem

“This year we’re going to finally lay down a marketing plan and stick to it.” This enthusiastic announcement is then usually followed by pages of complex analysis, graphs and spreadsheets. Weeks and months of planning. More speeches. Then, before you know it, it’s the end of the year. Start. Pick something simple, actionable and attainable.Continue reading “A Complex Solution is Just a New Problem”

Fire, BAD! New Media, GOOD!

The buzz about Social Media tends to celebrate all the reasons why traditional marketing is dying and how Web 2.0 is the fatal blow. It reminds me of Phil Hartman’s Frankenstein on SNL… Traditional Marketing, Bad! New Media, Good! And I agree. Too many businesses waste precious time and money on poorly conceived branding campaigns,Continue reading “Fire, BAD! New Media, GOOD!”