3 Ways to Make Your Content Addictive

Why do some people sit for hours at slot machines, their sweaty little fingers dropping quarter after quarter, eyes glazed over as pineapples, gold coins and 7s spin in circles? It’s the allure of the random payout. Gambling would be much less fun (though much more lucrative) if you knew exactly when you would hit.Continue reading “3 Ways to Make Your Content Addictive”

The Inbound Marketing Land of Unicorns and Unbruised Egos

Oh, happy day! No more cold calling or evil outbound interruption marketing. No more rejection or wasteful direct mail. All pre-revolution relics, that’s what they are! In fact, the magical wonders of inbound marketing are so amazing that we can, nay we must, forget everything we’ve ever learned about marketing prior to 2008. It’s allContinue reading “The Inbound Marketing Land of Unicorns and Unbruised Egos”

Give It Away Now – Why Freemium Is The Future for All of Us

Freemium is a “business model that works by offering a game, product or service free of charge (such as software, web services or other) while charging a premium for advanced features, functionality, or related products and services.” (Wikipedia) David Rogers’ article How to Make Piles of Money from Charging Nothing sums the concept up nicely: “The freemium businessContinue reading “Give It Away Now – Why Freemium Is The Future for All of Us”

On Being Cheaper

Cheaper is easy in the short term. Easy to advertise, differentiate, compete. “We’re Cheaper!” says the ad, website or proposal. Cheaper works really well for retail. Walmart was built on it. But retail chains and websites have an advantage that professional services don’t: They can sell in volume. Sell 2,137,211 doggie chew toys through your blog atContinue reading “On Being Cheaper”

The Sound of Silence

When you first start creating your content, understand that you will be the only one enjoying it…for now. So until you build your online audience, reach out and put your ideas right in front of a targeted list of prospects. Write letters, make calls, give talks. The media you use doesn’t matter. The ideas youContinue reading “The Sound of Silence”


Branding advertising campaigns for professional services (Insert firm name here, tagline, “Industry-leading something or other,” phone number and website) exist not because they are part of a larger, well thought out strategy. They exist because they’re easy. It takes thought and time and commitment and effort and tough decisions to develop an effective business developmentContinue reading “Easier”