The True Cost of Messaging Alignment Bottlenecks

Think about what the lack of alignment around messaging may actually be costing you. How much longer it takes to create successful campaigns and projects, and the lack of impact that unfocused, incoherent messaging has on the people you’re trying to influence.

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Your Messaging’s Central Point of Truth

Without a central point of truth for collecting and evaluating messaging ideas, things can get pretty messy. Every time you create a new piece of marketing or sales content—a blog post, sell sheet, social media campaign—internal feedback gets trapped in a black box.

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Are There Too Many Messages in Your Messaging?

Another common bottleneck to creating effective messaging is trying to cram in too much information. Accommodating too many stakeholders with too many opposing perspectives and opinions—with nobody acting as the final decision-maker based on a central guiding strategy.

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“Design by Committee” Leads to Generic Messaging

One of the most common bottlenecks to alignment around messaging is conflicting input from multiple stakeholders. Each contributor may have a very different perspective about product messaging, company branding, and target customers.

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Don’t Build Messaging on the Fly

Why is getting aligned around messaging so hard?

Think about your typical situation with a rebrand or product launch. Ideally, you’re able to get everybody on the same page, aligned around the sweet spot between your product or company, and the customer and their needs.

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Podcast Ep 3: Why is Getting Aligned Around Messaging So Hard?

Today we’re going to explore why it’s so hard to get aligned around messaging, the 3 common bottlenecks that get in the way, and what you can do to overcome these obstacles and create a better product and company narrative.

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