Avoiding the Default “Trying to Be Everything to Everybody” Messaging Strategy

Is your company’s messaging designed to engage your ideal prospects and customers? Or is it more broadly focused on your total addressable market—with generic value props, selling points, hooks, and benefits that you hope will appeal to every possible customer type equally?

Trying to serve “everybody” can make sense, but only within a very narrow set of situations, including:

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The True Cost of Messaging Alignment Bottlenecks

Think about what the lack of alignment around messaging may actually be costing you. How much longer it takes to create successful campaigns and projects, and the lack of impact that unfocused, incoherent messaging has on the people you’re trying to influence.

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Your Messaging’s Central Point of Truth

Without a central point of truth for collecting and evaluating messaging ideas, things can get pretty messy. Every time you create a new piece of marketing or sales content—a blog post, sell sheet, social media campaign—internal feedback gets trapped in a black box.

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