Blind Spots

Isabelle is a born marketer.

She loves everything about it—the challenge, the creativity, the collaboration. And all that passion has paid off. After years of rising up through the ranks, she landed the role of head of Marketing at a growing tech company in New York’s Silicon Alley.

Isabelle truly believed in the company’s mission and the value of the product. But the competition for customer attention was fierce. The pressure was on!

Every day, she faced a barrage of marketing challenges, each one requiring an innovative solution. Everything from high-level strategic problems like keeping enough prospects in the pipeline and improving their content marketing results, to smaller tactical details like optimizing their website and writing targeted, effective messaging.

But fresh ideas and solutions didn’t always flow as predictably as Isabelle would have liked. Some days she seemed to have total access to her inner creative genius. Other days…not so much.

She knew that the right solution was always there waiting to be discovered. But not having fast and predictable access to her best ideas was really frustrating.

One crisp autumn Sunday, Isabelle went for a run through Central Park. She hoped that the combination of cool air, exercise, and her favorite marketing podcast would help inspire some new ideas.

The podcast host was interviewing a well-known CMO. They chatted about how this company was able to come back after a string of really tough quarters, and eventually take the number one spot in the market.

The CMO described how they turned things around. A marketing solution that was so simple and brilliant—and so obvious in hindsight—that Isabelle wanted to kick herself for not thinking of it.

After all, she had the same amount of experience and expertise as this CMO. They worked in similar industries, with access to the same information, same blogs and books, same tools.

So what was this person seeing that she wasn’t?

The CMO explained his approach to problem solving. How he knew that while his experience and knowledge could be a great advantage, it could also create massive blind spots that made it harder to access his natural creativity.

So his first task when tackling a really tough marketing challenge was to take control over the creative process itself. To focus on the right things at the right time, consciously shift his perspective on the problem, and uncover his blind spots.

Isabelle suddenly realized what was missing. That despite all her years of experience, despite all her knowledge and expertise, she also had blind spots. She knew that if she wanted on-demand access to her best ideas, she would need to learn how to quickly and consistently find and fix those blind spots.

So she made the conscious choice to take control over her own creative process.

Isabelle still has blind spots. We all do. But now she also has a new set of habits that help her see the best solutions to her most challenging marketing problems.

Think about a really tough marketing challenge that you’re currently facing. Something that you absolutely must fix, but you just haven’t figured out how to crack yet.

Maybe it’s:

  • Flattening sales and revenue growth.
  • Not delivering enough quality leads to the sales team.
  • Difficulty setting your value prop apart from the 12 other companies that offer a similar product or service.
  • The noisy marketplace that’s making it harder to engage your audience.
  • Internal bottlenecks, organizational friction, or a culture that gravitates to the status quo.

To create real impact on revenue and drive growth, we need to be able to quickly diagnose and solve these types of problems—the kind that don’t have easy, ready-made solutions.

And your team’s ability to do that comes down to their ability to see. To push past the automatic answers. To challenge their assumptions rather than just confirm their pre-existing beliefs.

Ask Yourself…

What are we not seeing? What are the blind spots that stand between us and the solutions that we KNOW we’re capable of creating?

What are those blind spots costing our company in lost opportunities and revenue?

What would we be able to achieve for our organization if we knew exactly how to find and fix those blind spots—if we were able to consistently discover the types of solutions that others can’t even see?

Blind Spots—Why Marketers Often Miss the Best Solutions to Their Most Challenging Problems

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Download this ebook to learn:

  1. Why we all have blind spots that stop us from seeing better solutions.
  2. The cost of habitual thinking and jumping to conclusions.
  3. Why we get stuck in problem frames that limit our options.
  4. How our assumptions can make us see things that aren’t there.
  5. Why knowing a lot about something can actually make you less creative at problem solving.
  6. How reframing makes it easier to come up with truly innovative and effective solutions.

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