A Complex Solution is Just a New Problem

“This year we’re going to finally lay down a marketing plan and stick to it.” This enthusiastic announcement is then usually followed by pages of complex analysis, graphs and spreadsheets. Weeks and months of planning. More speeches. Then, before you know it, it’s the end of the year. Start. Pick something simple, actionable and attainable.Continue reading “A Complex Solution is Just a New Problem”

Capitalism+Greed+Incompetence+Doom = Best Seller

Crash of the Titans (ooooh) Circle of Greed (ahhhhhh!) House of Cards (ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!) The Tyranny of Oil (gasp!!!!) These are just a few of the many doomsday business books prominently displayed at my local Borders. Is it any wonder that we remain paranoid and unwilling to move forward, grow and create new opportunities? These booksContinue reading “Capitalism+Greed+Incompetence+Doom = Best Seller”

I Talk Too Much (Sometimes)

Ask me about a topic that I’m passionate about, or even keenly interested in, and I tend to boil over with enthusiasm. Simple responses can get drawn out into long monologues, at which point the other person in the “conversation” starts to fade away, eyes glazing as his or her bandwidth starts filling up. SoContinue reading “I Talk Too Much (Sometimes)”

The BS Test

The only words you should use in your marketing, home page, or mission statement are ones that clearly and honestly communicate the value you bring to the table. Platitudes (premier, best, world-class, leading, value-added, best in class, results-oriented) fail the BS test and divert attention away from that which really matters to your clients…how youContinue reading “The BS Test”