Boring is Not a Strategy


The fatal flaw of most B2B marketing strategies is the incorrect assumption that all business purchasing decisions are made purely by logic.

No emotions allowed.

So, based on this erroneous point of view, B2B marketers cut out anything resembling a personality or purpose from their websites, white papers and webinars. In its place, they dump data, facts and graphs. The company with the most facts wins, goes their thinking.

Rule By Committee


Nothing will kill good content ideas quicker than putting them through the meat grinder of office politics. Content creation by committee guarantees that your ebooks, webinars and blog posts will be ground into bland, vanilla paste. Here’s why…

  1. Great content takes a stand for an idea, a point of view, a vision of the future. Consensus requires compromise. Two polar opposite goals.
  2. Pressure to contribute feedback will lead to painstaking searches for meaningless details to criticize.
  3. It’s impossible to accurately judge content without a clear understanding of the strategy and intended audience.

The opinions that matter most come from your prospects and customers. Write your content for them, not to achieve buy-in from everyone who happens to be employed by your company.